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You’ve decided to sell your home!

When selling, it’s important to look at your home from a different perspective... the buyer’s perspective.

The Home Enhancement Checklist provides you with insight and direction on how to get the most money and quickest sale for your home by making minor changes and repairs.

  • Tidy up!

When a home appears cluttered, buyers can’t “see” the home or its potential. By storing items you don’t need or use, your home will feel more inviting to potential buyers. When selling a home, less is more!

  • Clean up!

A clean home gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Strive to make your home visually and aromatically appealing. Remember: Paint in the can is worth $20, but it’s worth $1,000 on the wall!

  • Patch up!

Minor repairs often become major stumbling blocks for potential buyers. Take away those distractions by xing minor issues before they become major.

  • The finishing touch!

The little “extras” make a home feel special. Remember, your home
is competing with others in your neighborhood. Make your home stand out!

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