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Creative Ways to Shift Your Gift Strategy

Holiday shopping can get exhausting — even during a normal year! The earlier you start, the easier it is to check everyone off your list without having to scramble the day before a gift exchange. And while the situation this year has changed a lot about the way we shop in-person, you can still get your friends and family a heartfelt gift from other sources!

The information I’m sending this month includes tips on how to shift your gift strategy while avoiding the shopping crowds. From customizable gift boxes to subscription kits to charitable donations, you will find several unique gift-giving options that include something for every interest and age group. I’m also sharing a few tips for the perfect gifting strategy that keeps you on time and on budget!

The sooner you start your gifting process, the less stressed you will be once the holidays really kick into high gear. And remember, no matter how you end up giving to your friends and family this year, it’s the thought that counts!


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