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How To Avoid Phone Scams

Studies show that unwanted sales calls, robocalls, and outright scam calls are on the rise. Between the extended tax season and COVID-19 pandemic, scammers had many reasons to call this year, and they’re not stopping yet. So how can you tell which calls are legitimate, and which ones are better off sent straight to voicemail or even blocked?

To help you spot these phony calls, I compiled a few tips, so you’ll never have to fall victim to scammers or illegal sales tactics. The information I’m sending this month contains common types of phone scams and offers best practices for handling calls that look like they are from your bank or another local number but may actually be scammers. You’ll learn where to report illegal scams and robocalls and what Apps you can get to block pesky spam calls.

These tips will help you protect your personal information and give you one less thing to stress about in 2020. As always, if I can assist you or your family in any way to protect you from these common scams, I’m here for you!


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